Senior Adults - Sundays at 9:15am

Fellowship Class - Herman Pomeroy
The Fellowship Sunday School class is made to minister to the retired members of our church. Many couples are involved in this class, but there are also singles and widows/ers involved as well. This class has been diligently studying its way through the New Testament.  The class goal is to learn more of what God would have us do as His followers. The members of this class also strive to meet the needs of other class members and spend time ministering and fellowshipping with one another. 

Sonshine Class -Kim Asiala
The Sonshine Sunday School class is composed of the church’s mature ladies, who seek to keep living younger than they are. These ladies study their way through the books of the Bible with guidance from their teachers Wendell Rundle and Shirley Winfree. They spend time in class and out of class encouraging each other and striving to keep positive attitudes about life through time spent with each together.